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The Highland Area Highland Games Association (HAHGA), was formed to foster good relationships between individual Highland Games, in the Highlands of Scotland. By having a united and local voice, it is envisaged that information and advice between Member Games in the Highland Area will be shared, to better develop our traditional Games. 

One of the primary aims of HAHGA, is to encourage heavy athletes, track & field athletes, cyclists, dancers and pipers, from all over the world, to compete at traditional Highland Games, within the scenic Highlands of Scotland. The Highland Games season within the Highland Area, starts in July and finishes in September.

In the Highland Area, to maintain interest throughout the Games season, HAHGA has separate competitive Leagues for Heavies, Track & Field athletes and Cyclists, who are registered with the Scottish Highland Games Association (SHGA).

At the end of the Games season, all the numerous athletes who competed in the Heavy, Track & Field and Cycling Leagues, will be eligible to win various cash prizes, provided they have taken part in at least 5 of the Highland Area Member Games.

90% of the Highland Area Member Games, are either on, or are very close to, the iconic 'North Coast 500 Route', which, according to Wikipedia, is one of the top 5 coastal routes in the world. 

When visiting the Highland Area and travelling along the North Coast 500 Route, to attend our Member Highland Games, you cannot fail to be impressed with our stunning coastal and mountain views, numerous sandy beaches, historical attractions and bounteous wildlife, on land, air and sea.

While attending our Member Games, you will also experience our traditional and friendly, Highland culture. As well as watching the various athletes competing against each other, you will be entertained by Highland Dancers, Pipers and Pipe Bands. All in all, a visit to one of our Member Highland Games, will give you warm and life long, happy memories. 

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